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Delivering solutions for
the energy transition

We make renewable
energy projects happen.

We develop, invest in, and operate grid scale renewable energy assets. By approaching every project in a collaborative way, we offer bespoke energy solutions that deliver the best outcomes for our partners, communities, and the environment.


The process to fund and start generating
renewable energy can be daunting.

As highly experienced developers and operators of renewable energy assets, Aukera has the expertise needed to support a project throughout its lifetime.

We have more than a decade of experience in developing and operating onshore wind, solar and storage projects. This means we can deliver power solutions in partnership with businesses, communities, and most importantly – the planet.

We oversee projects from beginning to end, helping to successfully bring your renewable energy project to life.

  • With data-driven tools we select the best sites and locations
  • We work with the trusted local partners harnessing their experience of an area to maximise planning consent, permits and energy sales
  • We limit our footprint and local development risk by integrating and working as part of the local community
  • Our central functions in London and Brussels support our country teams to deliver projects in all regions across Europe

We focus on, development, investment and co-development, asset management and operation services.

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Why choose Aukera?

01 Enduring
We utilise the agility of our specialist and experienced team to deploy capital in a rapidly expanding and changing renewable energy market. Our primary objective is to deliver sustainable energy for future generations. We operate and maintain our assets with a long-term vision. The race to decarbonise energy and reach power related emissions targets needs to prioritise security for customers and investors.
02 Agility
We believe renewable energy needs to happen now with best practice at the heart of any investment process. Our inventive and creative approach means we can help to identify, build, and operate projects that don’t always fit the typical mould, ensuring everyone can stand to benefit from renewable energy, and the many advantages it offers.
03 Integrity
We build partnerships with owners, openly communicating with them while following the strictest possible corporate governance standards. As an agile team, we are on hand 24/7 and will oversee the project and operate our assets from beginning to end. We believe whole-heartedly in the renewable energy revolution and want to see as many people transitioning to clean energy as possible.
04 Expertise
Our management team are renewable energy veterans, with significant experience in developing renewable energy projects around the world.
05 Ambition
Our decentralised team will target developments requiring accelerated access to capital, applied expertise, and management experience, particularly where fossil fuel generation has traditionally dominated the local energy mix.

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